Graphic element of lightness

2 03 2011

The graphic element that defines the wotclock is clearly the time and motion element.  Obviously the very fact that the e-lit is a clock links up with time and the movement of the work relates to motion, but the correlation goes a little bit deeper then that.

According to Lupton and Phillips “Film is a visual art.  Designers of motion graphics must think both like animators and filmmakers”.  I feel that the author of the wotclock found a way to elude some of the normal restrictions of a moving piece.  By adding an algorithm that automatically determines what appears on the screen the restrictions involved in determining the motion, change, and time of the work.

The wotclock is light because it is free from a lot of the weighty aspects of normal design which would both burden the author and the viewer.  Rather then spending time on considering the decision making process involved in creating the scene the reader can instead just appreciate what is in front of him or her for what it is.  The result is a light and free experience.





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