Emblem for lightness

3 03 2011

The emblem

In my opinion a proper emblem for the quality of lightness is found in the humble umbrella.  The umbrella invokes lightness from my

understanding of it because it is capable of being lifted and flight white under the influence of a breeze or the wind.

My idea for the emblem is partly inspired by the movie Mary Poppins in which the umbrella is not only able to defy gravity on its own but also carries Marry Poppins around with it.  As such I believe the umbrella, as an emblem, inspires the concept of freedom and removal of weight that Calvino speaks of.  Additionally, the umbrella as an emblem relates to the wotclock in the minimalistic approach both take.  The wotclock is elegant, clear, and for lack of a better word basic.  There is not a lot of “weight” to be found in the wotclock just as my emblem is to be simple and graspable.

Mary Poppins, light as air with the aid of her umbrella

Mary Poppins, floating lightly with the aid of her umbrella




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