Graphic element of quickness

4 03 2011

The “rhythm and balance” characteristic of graphic design clearly aligns with the rhythm to be found in the narrative quickness of literature.  Rhythm, as a function of graphic design, is described as “a strong, regular, repeated pattern: the beating of drums, the patter of rain, the falling of footsteps.  Speech, music. and dance all employ rhythm to express form over time.”

The concept is scary familiar in regards to the e-lit known as “deep surface”.  The work is based off of the mechanic of free diving in which the reader must choose how far he or she descends and has to come up repeatedly for air.  As such a rhythm and flow to the readers pace is strictly enforced or else he or she will end up “dead” and have to restart.  The reader must be quick not only to discover more glimpses of the prose but to understand and decide when to retreat.  My first three attempts ended in quick death because of the difficulty in both juggling the work at hand and worrying about time spent “under”.




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